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  • How Old is your Dog in Human Years
    November 10, 2022 Mitch Wilder

    How Old is your Dog in Human Years

    A 2019 study by researchers at the University of California San Diego put forth a new method for calculating dog age How Do Researchers Come Up with Those Numbers? There are many several factors to consider, so it’s not possible to...

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  • Disaster Preparedness 2022
    June 12, 2022 Mitch Wilder

    Disaster Preparedness 2022

    Hurricanes, Flash Floods, Wildfires, Earthquakes, Volcano Eruptions, Sinkholes, Tornadoes, Condemned Buildings & Landslides Do you have an Emergency Preparation Plan for you and your pets? Flooding If you have experienced flooding then you already know a flash flood or heavy...

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