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Farmed in the USA

Sancho & Lola's Closet is a proud US-based company that supports dog rescues.  We are also proud to support our Farms and Processors in the United States. You might be paying a bit more for high-quality "Farmed in the USA" chews but you are creating and supporting more American jobs.    

Try our Nebraska Steer Sticks which are Lola's favorites because the skin is not removed. We like to compare it to eating the skin of a rotisserie chicken. Made in small batches from red and black Angus Cattle. The color of sticks will vary from butterscotch to espresso. 

Your dog will be delighted with the variety and taste of our high-quality, "Farmed in the USA" products and you can feel great about supporting jobs in our glorious country. 

Chews with any of the following including, "Texas", "Nebraska", "USA" or "Farmed in the USA" indicate that our chews are from American cattle and processed in the USA.