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Small Dog or Light Chewer? USE CODE: SAVE50 FOR 50% OFF 6" Premium Select Moderate Odor Thin Bully Sticks. CLICK TO SHOP
Small Dog or Light Chewer? USE CODE: SAVE50 FOR 50% OFF 6" Premium Select Moderate Odor Thin Bully Sticks. CLICK TO SHOP


 What safety precautions are recommended when feeding my dog Bully Sticks or chews?

Always supervise and observe your dog closely when consuming Bully Sticks or any Chew. Choose a size-appropriate Bully Stick that is wider than your dog’s mouth. Discard any broken pieces, ends or, nubs during and after a session to prevent a choking hazard or blockage. We do recommend Bully Stick Holders to secure Bully Sticks & Yak Chews. Fresh water should be accessible at all times. If your dog accidentally swallows a chew, contact a veterinarian. Wash hands after use.

How do I store Bully Sticks or Chews?

We recommend storing Bully sticks or chews in a sealed bag or jar in a cool dry place. We have expiration dates on all our products.  

How come all the Bully Sticks appear to be slightly different?
Imperfection is a sign of a natural product. Our bully sticks will rarely appear uniform in color or shape: Our dog chews are hand-crafted, not made by machines. We want our customers to be 100% satisfied, so if you have any issues, we will address them immediately. However, we cannot guarantee uniform sticks that will be the same every batch - this is actually a sign of a processed, mass-produced product. (Think Walmart frozen pizza crust vs one tossed at a local Italian pizzeria). Perfection is achieved by adding artificial colors, fillers, then punching them out like hot dogs.
Our 'boutique' Bully Sticks will vary from batch to batch. Some batches will be thicker, thinner, chewier, crunchier or more aromatic than others (like vintages of fine wine.)

What are the best Bully sticks for small dogs, older dogs or those on a low-calorie diet?
Our 6" Thin, 12" Thin Bully Sticks, 4" Pretzels, 3" Hoops, 6" Spirals and Bites are great for gentle or beginner chewers.

What are the best Bully sticks for small to medium-size dogs who are not power-chewers?
Our 6" Standard, 6" Thick, 6" Braids, 12" Standard, 12" Thick are great for average chewers.

What are the best Bully Sticks for large dogs, XL dogs?
For intense chewers, be sure to select 12" Extra Thick, 6" Jumbo, 12" Jumbo and 12" Monsters (when available)

What are the best Budget-friendly Bully Sticks?
In an effort to offer more affordability, we offer deep discounts on irregular sticks that do not make the cut for our premium label. You can find them sold as "bulk". They will be:
Crunchy, which means they were in a part of the oven where it may have gotten a bit too cooked. These will be drier, so they have less longevity. However, they are tolerated better. Most GI issues come from sticks with moisture in them.
Ugly sticks, they just look a bit 'beat up' or deformed, but otherwise chew like a normal stick
Higher than normal odor - we grade these out of our batches as having an odor which is offensive to the average customer. If you can tolerate the smell some dogs actually prefer these - Sancho is one of them (ugh)

How is Sancho & Lola’s able to offer better product than the competition?
We spend very little resources on Advertising, relying mostly on word of mouth from regular customers.
We don't use expensive developers, photographers, marketing campaigns, etc. - we're sure it's quite obvious.
We do not pay "Review Clubs." It is costly for sellers to pay a review service to give away hundreds of units for FREE to get instant reviews. It has taken us over 3 years to get the ones we have.
We operate on faith that you will notice our quality products, well-thought-out packaging, consistency in bags and our above-and-beyond customer service with hopes that you'll be inspired to share your buying experience.

How do you ensure the products are safe?
Sancho & Lola are our kids. We know you feel this way about your pups too. Our manufacturers operate with the highest standards in safety testing. This is the most important factor in who we choose to partner with for all our products. Their facilities are GSFI, USDA or FDA inspected and approved. Several of our manufacturers have USDA human-grade facilities. We do not do business with ones that cut corners to offer 'bargain' prices.
Sancho & Lola have been our resident quality control experts. Their tough job is to eat samples from every batch, every size we carry. They have never become ill from any of our treats-- they do get loose stools on occasion, but this is a normal side effect for some dogs when they consume a lot in one sitting.

Why do Bully Sticks cost so much?
There are very few bulls per herd (most male bovines are steers). Besides the heightened interest in bully sticks as people are learning about the hazards of rawhides, there is a demand for beef pizzle (penis) in the restaurant industry where some cultures eat in soups as a delicacy (sorry for that visual). Like what happens with the best cuts of Kobe beef, much of the quality raw bull penises end up at upscale restaurants.
Beef pizzle can only be harvested from bulls and steers. While muscle meat treats and bones come from ALL cattle (bulls, steers, heifers and cows.)
Standard sized sticks and thicker have to come from bulls, not steers. Most ranches only have one bull per herd for safety reasons.
Once harvested, the delicate raw pizzle has to be baked at a very low, specific temperature for several days.

Are Bully Sticks safe to give puppies?
Yes, Bully Sticks are fully digestible so they make a better treat for puppies than rawhide to satisfy their need to chew. But introduce slowly to avoid any upset stomach. Start with our fun shapes and our thinner sizes!

Can Bully Sticks give my dog loose stools?
Yes, just like changing your dog's food can. Some dogs just have a more sensitive digestive system than others. Both Sancho and Lola get softer stool’s but they enjoy them so much we still let them have them. Try adding canned pumpkin, ground flax seeds, chia seeds or plain yogurt/kefir to their diet which can aid in digestion and firm up stools.

Can Bully Sticks make my dog throw up?
This is not too common, but some dogs are more sensitive than others when it comes to treats, especially hard ones. Try introducing slowly and giving them pumpkin or yogurt. However, if your dog is a treat inhaler, you may want to use our 12-inch size and remove when they get down to the last couple of inches.
My dog has allergies to fillers like corn and wheat, do your Bully’s contain any additives?
No, our Bully’s are 100% beef - nothing else. As long as your dog can tolerate beef, he should not have any issues related to cheap fillers. We also recommend that you try our Elk Jerky, Turkey Tendons and Duck Feet great for dogs with allergies.

How long are Bully Sticks supposed to last?
It can vary depending on the size stick you order to the size dog you have. You also have to factor in whether your dog is a power chewer. So the answer is anywhere from several minutes to several days. This is why we offer so many choices. Bully Sticks are not meant to last as long as antlers and bones, they are "tissue & muscle.

Where are the Bully’s sourced?
Our "Small Batch' Nebraska Bully's, Charcuterie Style Bully’s and Steer Sticks are Strictly Sourced from pizzles farmed in the USA because they are small production. Our Traditional bully sticks are inspected, processed and packaged in the USA, but to secure year-round availability our sourcing now includes pizzle farmed in North and South America countries known for quality free-range, grass-fed beef. In the USA Bulls are predominantly fed both grass and corn. There is a lot of misinformation online. There are no USA-farmed grass-fed bully sticks commercially available. If there were they would be cost-prohibitive and $30 per stick!

Are they supposed to have a funky smell?
Yep, compliments of Mother Nature. There are many variables why some batches have more of a smell than others. We do our best to grade out the most offensive ones but keep in mind, dogs love stinky things. Odor is a small sacrifice to make for your pup's enjoyment. Stick with our odor-free ​B​ully​'​s and steers if the smell is a deal-breaker for you.

What is the difference between a bull and a steer?
A "steer" is a bull that has been fixed. A "bull" is a male that is still intact. Due to less testosterone, steer sticks typically have less density and less moisture. This enables them to be chewed and digested easier. For this reason, steer sticks are great for older dogs, puppies, and dogs with sensitive stomachs. Is there something we forgot?

How long do bully sticks last? 

It is different for every dog because it is based on a dog's age, personality, breed, and size. We can only tell you how long a chew lasts for our dogs. If you see the word "crunchy," in the title, this means the bully sticks are cooked at a higher temperature and will not last as long as the traditional chewy versions.

We love hearing from our customers. Please call or email us if you have questions about batches, need advice on what size to order or just want to give us a suggestion. We do not have out-sourced virtual assistants who give "canned" responses - we actually answer every email and call personally contact us here.

"If given the opportunity, most small, family-owned businesses will have your best interest at heart and will help you if you are not absolutely pleased with your purchase." L. Cano