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6-Inch Traditional Jumbo Sized Bully Sticks - Low Odor

by Sancho & Lola's Closet
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  • HIGH QUALITY: 100% LOW ODOR, Free Range Grass Fed beef from Brazil.
  • SAFETY IS #1: Our Brazil processing partner has been visited and vetted by our CEO to ensure that the facility is spotless, FDA inspected and has a HACCP protocol in place. Our Brazilian processor is required to have the same safety protocols and inspections as our USA processing partners. 
  • POWER CHEWERS: our 6" Jumbos will average 1.5-2oz and our Monsters will average 2-2.6oz are great for large dogs and aggressive chewing medium ones.  
  • CONSISTENCY: our sticks are hand-inspected and selected in Denton, Texas. As a natural body part inconsistencies are normal. Expect some variations in color, shape, and thickness.
  • DENTAL HEALTH: Bully sticks stimulate gums and scrub teeth clean, giving your pup a whiter smile!
  • REDUCES ANXIETY:  Chewing is an instinct that calms dogs and might also help prevent destructive chewing in the home

* Crude Protein: Min 80% * Crude Fat: Min 3.5% * Crude Fiber: Max 1.5% * Moisture: Max 13% * 3530 kcal/kg

Always supervise and observe your dog closely when consuming Bully Sticks or any Chews. Choose a size-appropriate Chew that is wider than your dog’s mouth.  Discard any broken pieces, ends or, nubs during and after a session to prevent a choking hazard or blockage. We do recommend Bully Stick Holders to secure Bully Sticks & Yak Chews. Fresh water should be accessible at all times. If your dog accidentally swallows a chew, contact a veterinarian. Wash hands with soap after use.