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6" Beef Bladder Sticks - USDA Certified

by Sancho & Lola's Closet
Original price $14.99 - Original price $27.99
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$14.99 - $27.99
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  • Single-Ingredient Beef Bladder
  • High Protein, Grain-Free, Rawhide Free
  • Hollow- ideal for Light Chewers
  • Moderate odor
  • Cleans Tartar from Teeth and Massages gums.  
  • Farmed in South America
  • Similar to our Nebraska Crunchy Steer Sticks which are $60/lb!
  • Thickness will vary as this is an all-natural product. 

    If your dog loves our Crunchy Steer Sticks, this will be an exciting new treat. Beef Bladder Sticks are a fully-digestible beef chew recommended for all-size dogs, ideal for lighter chewers. Bladder sticks are a bit softer than bully sticks but are highly chewable and produce the same chewing satisfaction. Just like bully sticks and natural chews this is another tasty alternative to satisfy your dog’s chewing urge. These are made from premium grass-fed,  free-range beef. They are all-natural with one ingredient, All our Brazilian products come from an FDA-inspected, USDA-approved plant that we visit and vet frequently.  Our Brazilian farmed Bladder Sticks and hand inspected and packaged in Denton, Texas.