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Ridiculously Expensive & Unique Dog Gifts

Ridiculously Expensive & Unique Dog Gifts

Doghouses ranging from $5,000-$50,000+

La Petite Maison translation is, “Small House” and this company has been making beautiful children’s and dog backyard playhouses for many years. You can customize your dogs playhouse to look like a smaller version of your home and have custom furniture built. From Persian rugs to air conditioning to a flat screen TV. Only your imagination and pocketbook can limit this one of a kind creation.

This type of abode is adorable and great for bragging rights but if your prepared to spend thousands on a backyard doghouse, your dog already lives in your house. Unless of course you have a Guard dog. 


Cloning your pet with Viagen for $50,000

Genetic preservation and Genetic cloning is right out of Star Trek and if you do not have $50,000 to dole out then forget about it. There are also very questionable ethics involved in cloning.  Aside from the egg donor and surrogate, cloning requires many dogs to produce a single clone because many cloned pregnancies do not take. Multiple dogs used repeatedly in the process makes me and Bioethicists have major reservations.  What you really want is your memories and dogs personality back and while you might get a clone that looks like your dog chances are they will not have the same personality traits.

Barbara Streisand, the singer and filmmaker had two of her three dogs, Miss Violet and Miss Scarlet cloned from cells taken from the mouth and stomach of her fluffy, white, deceased Coton de Tulear, Samantha.

Streisand admitted that her two cloned pups “have different personalities” than Samantha—and, presumably, each other.

For $50,000 just think how many rescue dogs you could save? I also think that the joy of dog parenting provides us with unique experiences and love that we can cherish even though their lives are so short.

Michel’s VIP Parfum 4oz for $4,000

Michel’s Description: “A diffusive unisex fragrance with top notes of Mandarin Blossom and Pink Grapefruit, Michel VIP Parfums are the ultimate expression of art. The light, fresh, elegant scent dries down to the perfect accords of Sandalwood, Vetiver and Orris which, when combined with the rare Essence of the Osmanthus flower, creates a soft, warm, and unique harmony. Only once every two years can enough petals of the rare Osmanthus flower be picked and distilled to create this truly distinctive “living” fragrance that soothes the olfactory senses.” Back in my TV news days I was given a bottle of this and featured it in a news piece and this product is legit but way overpriced. Michel’s father was a prominent figure in the high-end perfume industry. 


Prada Nylon dog harness for $775

Reserved for those with smaller dogs and large disposable incomes

Fendi Pet Carrier for $2,650

Considering dog and purse robberies during the pandemic you might want to be a little more discreet?



Cuddle Clone- A lifelike customized stuffed animal of your dog for $249.00

I cannot think of a more beautiful gift especially if someone’s dog has passed on. 


Embark Breed & Health Detection Kit for $149

Great for someone who has rescue dog and wants to know their breeds composition, which in turn can help them understand behavioral traits. The health portion can help a pet parent understand what health conditions a dog might encounter in the future based on genetics so they can do things preventatively  

JOY FOR ALL Companion Pet Pup for $139-$149

This Gift is For People not Dogs (Seniors Mainly)

Hasbro’s Ageless Innovation Team was formed to focus on human health and wellness and the JOY FOR ALL Pet Pup is an innovation designed to primarily offer Emotional Support for seniors without the responsibility of owning a real dog. Purdue’s Sony Aibo Robotic Dog Study over 10 years ago determined that a Robotic Dog could provide calming and other benefits to help combat loneliness similar to a real dog. Seniors including Alzheimer patients had benefits. To further reinforce the Purdue study during my Journalism career I set up a news shoot at a seniors’ facility and brought a Sony Aibo Robotic Dog with me and my team started filming as I started to perform basic commands with the robotic dog. Prior to me displaying tricks the seniors were less than happy and during the demonstration they were smiling, laughing and asking to hold this robotic Dog. I am not telling you the JOY FOR ALL Pet Pup will necessarily fulfill a seniors life but those that are lonely, have Dementia or Alzheimer’s, or no longer have the ability or opportunity to take care of  a living thing might like or even love it.


Animals Matter Blankets and Dog Beds for $70-$300

Animals Matter utilizes the finest, softest most plush materials but the products are NOT SUITABLE for chewers or destructive dogs. This company was originally conceived to help stray Bully Breeds in L.A. They have beautiful car seats, blankets, bed covers, dogs beds and more.

There are many pet parents whose dogs have not tried Bully Sticks, Beef Cheeks, Tendons or Tracheas and they are missing out. Purchase them right here at Sancho & Lola's Closet and send them to a friend or family member as a Holiday Gift so they can share the joy with their dog.

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