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3 unusual things dogs do

3 unusual things dogs do

Why do dogs sniff each others Butts?

When we meet someone for the first time, we might ask them questions, analyze their tone, or observe their body language to get to know them better. When a dog meets another dog, they might first analyze the body language including the tail, ears, mouth and then they might go in for the big reveal, a Butt Sniff. Typically, the first dog to initiate Butt Sniffing is the more dominant one.

Every dog’s butt has a unique smell due to 2 small anal glands that secrete an odor that is exclusive to that particular dog. Think of a dog’s rear end being the equivalent of a passport full of information and the action of sniffing can be compared to a handshake.

When a dog sniffs another dog’s butt, they can tell where another dog has been, what they had for dinner, whether they have met the other dog before, if they are healthy, a candidate for dating, and, if they are old friends, determine what their friend has been up to.

Research has indicated that by allowing dogs to use Olfaction through Nose Work activity makes them more optimistic. So, when a dog engages in Butt Sniffing, some pet parents might find it gross and embarrassing but it’s a totally normal and healthy behavior as long as the dogs butt that is being sniffed is ok with it.

 Do dogs like to be hugged?

We recently celebrated National Hug your Dog Day but there is some debate on whether dogs actually enjoy being hugged.

Some dogs are just the cutest snuggle bunnies but there are those will get really turned off or aggressive if hugged. Dogs do not have arms for hugging.  Humans or Primates love to hug but dogs sometimes do not like to be hugged because it may be perceived as dominance. Dogs also have the fight or flight instinct so if a dog senses danger he must be ready to defend himself or avoid a fight and run. Being restrained does not allow them to flee.   

 So, the next time you are hugging your dog watch closely to see if they squirm, tense up, try and get away or, maybe just melt into your arms.   

Obviously, there are still many dogs that love to hug or be close to you. After all they are pack animals.

Tip-Never let a young child hug a dog they are not familiar with as this can lead to a serious bite.

What does it mean when a dog Stares?

Many dogs also avoid staring directly into another dog’s eyes. If you are gazing lovingly into your dog’s eyes they might even avert your eye contact.  Staring directly into a dog’s eyes can be intimidating for submissive dogs and stressful for dominant dogs (Ready to Rumble?)

When dogs typically greet at least one will avert eye contact slightly signaling they are non-confrontational. Several of my own dogs averted eye contact with me probably because I was the so-called Alpha. A gentle one.

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