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Dog Bite Prevention & Treatment

Dog Bite Prevention & Treatment

  Dog Bite FAQ 

What do I do if a stray/aggressive dog approaches me?

  • Don’t try to run. Stand still. You cannot outrun a dog and running can elicit a prey drive.

  • Stand sideways, hold your arms close to your sides with closed fists, and don’t move.

  • Look at the ground and watch the dog with your peripheral vision.

  • Don’t stare at the dog waive your arms or scream. He could interpret staring as a challenge and screaming or waiving your arms can increase his excitement and further escalate the situation .

  • Let the dog sniff you if he wants. Keep calm to keep him calm.

  • When the dog leaves, do not turn your back on the dog. Back away slowly, so you can keep an eye on them.

Tip- If you have strays or feral dogs in your area and your approached it’s a good idea to have a baggie of kibble that you can toss away so you can make a slow retreat.   

How do I defend myself if a dog attacks me?

  • Create a barrier between you and the dog. Let the dog grab a purse, jacket, sweater or pick up a long stick and try to redirect your dog’s bite onto one of these items.

  • Find higher ground. Jump up on a mailbox, truck or area that a dog cannot jump on. Its harder to jump up and bite. You can also attempt to find a car door that is unlocked but in this day and age its unlikely.

  • Never scream or run as this will antagonize your dog.

  • Remove a shirt or sweater and throw over the offending dogs head. It will give you some time to make a quick getaway.

  • If a dog is viciously attacking you and your on the ground, roll up in a ball and cover your neck and face

  • Unless your Mike Tyson hitting them will probably escalate the fight and cause you more injuries.

Pepper spray can work for you or, against you. It can agitate a dog further or possibly incapacitate them so you can slowly retreat. Bear Sprays stop bears?

 How to break up a Dog Fight


Distract & Divide.

  • Distract the dogs using an air horn, throwing  a shirt over their face, dumping or spraying water on them, using a Citronella spray, or 2 brands that may be effective are the Pet Corrector which emits a loud hissing sound or the Doggie Don’t which startles dogs with a loud crackling sound similar to a taser.

  • Divide the fighting dogs by using a blanket, garbage can lid, branch or anything that you can separate them with. Worst case scenario  is both dog parents grabbing their own dogs by their back legs and lifting them up like a wheelbarrow and walking both dogs backwards on their front legs. Make sure your hands and face are far away from their mouths when separating them.

Dog Bite Treatments


Roughly 50% of dog bites introduce bacteria and a stray/feral dog can have rabies. This is especially dangerous for Diabetics, Seniors and Immune-Compromised. A Dr. might have to stitch you up, give you a tetanus shot, clean the wound, prescribe antibiotics.

If you wait too long after a dog bite and you develop a bad infection you could end up hospitalized on IV fluids.

If in the rare case, if you get bitten by a dog that might be rabid get to an emergency room immediately so they can test you and if necessary, administer the Post Exposure Rabies Vaccine

Most dog fights sound a lot worse than they are  but work themselves out in seconds, injury-free, no different than you and I having a verbal disagreement.

Dog Parks can sometimes bring out the worst in dogs as many dog parents ignore their dogs bad behavior and don’t even know when their dog is involved in an altercation.

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