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Small Dog or Light Chewer? USE CODE: SAVE50 FOR 50% OFF 6" Premium Select Moderate Odor Thin Bully Sticks. CLICK TO SHOP
Small Dog or Light Chewer? USE CODE: SAVE50 FOR 50% OFF 6" Premium Select Moderate Odor Thin Bully Sticks. CLICK TO SHOP

12-Inch Standard Charcuterie Style Bully Sticks - No Odor-Farmed in the USA

by Sancho & Lola's Closet
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  • LIGHT CHEWERS:  Our 12" Standards will average 1.4-2 oz and are great for medium dogs, puppies, and older dogs. 
  • CHARCUTERIE: Made in the USA. These Super Premium Bully Sticks are crafted in small batches and then hand-selected and inspected prior to you receiving them.
  • WE'RE FRESH OBSESSED: Charcuterie Bully Sticks are cooked in small batches so we sell them very quickly. They are really fresh.
  • SUPER PREMIUM: Caviar, Filet Mignon, and Lobster can set you back a few extra dollars and so will our Charcuterie Bully Sticks. If you demand the best for your Furbaby look no further.
  • ODOR-FREE: They are quadruple-washed in cold purified water so they are truly Odor-Free. For dogs that prefer some odor, we recommend our Low Odor Premium Select or Traditional Bully Sticks and we also carry High Odor Bully Sticks for dogs that prefer smelly things.
  • SINGLE INGREDIENT: 100% Beef Pizzle and nothing else. 
  • CHEWING: Chewing is essential for most dogs and if dogs are not afforded the opportunity to chew on safe chews like Bully Sticks it can lead to Destructive Chewing. Chewing will keep dogs busy, calm & happy.
  • DENTAL BENEFITS: Bully Sticks massage gums and help to scrape tartar off a dog's teeth for fresh breath and a whiter smile.  
  • GOOD VALUE: Based on many customer requests most of our Bully Sticks are now sold based on the count so you know exactly how many Bully Sticks you are receiving. We also have minimum weights to ensure you are receiving fair value.

Always supervise and observe your dog closely when consuming Bully Sticks or any Chews. Choose a size-appropriate Chew that is wider than your dog’s mouth. Discard any broken pieces, ends or, nubs during and after a session to prevent a choking hazard or blockage. We do recommend Bully Stick Holders to secure Bully Sticks & Yak Chews. Fresh water should be accessible at all times. If your dog accidentally swallows a chew, contact a veterinarian. Wash hands with soap after use.