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Trail Mix-Nebraska Beef Liver, Spleen & Lung Trail Mix- Delish Snack or Food Topper

by Sancho & Lola's Closet
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We are committed to bringing you only the healthiest holistic treats for your dogs! All our jerkys contain minimal ingredients and are minimally processed. Our new trail mix is a combo of 3 single-ingredient treats : beef spleen, beef liver, beef lung

In nature, most predator animals go straight for the organs of their prey, saving the muscle meats for later. This is because animals instinctively know that organ meats are the densest source of nutrition.

  • QUALITY: Our new trail mix is made for us in Nebraska from the finest beef available. 
  • DOGFOOD TOPPER: Transform Kibble into an exciting delicious meal 
  • NUTRIENT RICH: Organs are the "superfoods" of the animal kingdom! Organ meats are super high in B vitamins. Spleen helps to support digestion and the immune system.
  • CRUNCHY STYLE: Mix will be crunchy.. great for treats for smaller dogs or use as training treats for any size dog. Great for a topper on kibble to enhance flavor and boose nutrition. They are approx the same size as dice.
  • SERVING SUGGESTION: this is a rich treat. You always want to introduce organ meats slowly. Start with 1/4 oz if your dog is 25lbs. After two weeks, 1/2 oz Strips vary in size. The average serving is 1oz. Sancho & Lola are 50lbs, we give them 1oz  2-3 times per week. Sancho is finicky and he LOVES these!
  • OUR PURPOSE: To use all-natural, quality ingredients that will not cause inflammation in your pet. 

Always supervise and observe your dog closely when consuming Bully Sticks or any Chews. Fresh water should be accessible at all times. If your dog accidentally swallows a chew, contact a veterinarian. Wash hands after use.