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Everything about Bully Sticks

Everything You Wanted To Know About Bully Sticks

Dogs will be dogs, and a big part of being a dog is the instinctual need to chew. 

All dogs need to chew. Chewing makes them happy. Some dogs can chew for hours and hours without losing interest.  It helps relieve anxiety and they find it very stimulating. Chewing also massages the gums and strengthens the jaws.

Whether you like it or not, your dogs are going to chew things… but WHAT they chew is up to you. If you do not provide your dog with something safe to chew they might resort to some destructive chewing and destroy valuable things at home and possibly even injure themselves

 Bully Sticks are also referred to as bull sticks, pizzle sticks, pizzles, bull pizzles and steer sticks and are the best treat to satisfy a dog’s need to chew safely. .Typically from bulls, but they can also be sheep, pig, buffalo or bison (water buffalo pizzles from India are often cleverly marketed as 'bison' bully sticks, but bison are only found in the colder climates of North America and Europe. Buffalo come from Asia and Africa. 


6 Reasons Bully Sticks are ideal for dogs


Bully sticks help to remove plaque and tartar from your dogs’ teeth as they chew.  So now, your dogs can brush their own teeth and have FUN doing it!  Cleans teeth, massages gums and promotes good dental health.



Most treats like cookies last seconds, leaving your dog begging for more. Bully sticks are one of the longest-lasting treats keeping your dogs occupied so you can have some uninterrupted time. For best results, be sure to get the right size bully stick for the chewing power of your dog. For example, you will be disappointed if you order a 6" standard stick for a 70 lb golden retriever


  1. TASTE

Show me a dog that does not crave Beef and we would be very surprised. This is not processed pet food but real beef so the combination of real beef and a chew is irresistible to most dogs.



Rawhide can cause intestinal blockages and punctures that can lead to costly surgery and sometimes, even death.  Rawhide is not BEEF, but rather toxic treated skin that is a by-product of the leather industry. 



Dogs LOVE to chew – they NEED to chew.  And if you don’t give your dogs something SAFE to chew, they’ll chew electric cords, clothes, shoes or furniture. Some dogs will even wear their teeth down chewing on hard objects like rocks if no Bully Sticks safely satisfy your dog’s need to chew. 



100% Natural Single-Ingredient beef protein (ideal for dogs with non-beef allergies.) which is a complete source of amino acids and supports your dog’s muscles, brain, skin, and coat. Like human pizzles, bully sticks will come in a variety of colors and shapes. Many Bullys are shaped like carrots with a thin and a thick end. Bully Sticks should be graded by weight, NOT circumference. 


What size/shape Bully Stick is right for my dog?

♦Large dogs or extreme power-chewers - 12” Extra Thick, Jumbo, Monster 

 ♦Medium dog, moderate chewers  6” or 12" Thick, Jumbo, Braided 

♦Older dogs or dogs with sensitive teeth 6” or 12" Steer, Thin,  Pretzels, Rings, Spirals

♦Small dogs – 4"-6” Thin or Standard, Bully Bites, Pretzels, Rings, Spirals

♦Very Small dogs (Toys and Teacups) – 4"-6” Extra Thin, Thin, X-Thin Steers, Steer bites

♦Overweight Dogs that need portion control – 4"-6” Thin or Standard, Bully Bites, Pretzels, Rings, Spirals 

* Do not give bully bites to dogs who tend to inhale hard chews rather than chew on them as these can cause a choking hazard. 


Can Bully Sticks floss my dog’s teeth

Spirals or Bully Springs are a great way to floss your dog’s teeth, massage their gums and give them a delicious, healthy dog treat


Why does my dog love really smelly Bully Sticks?

♦Some dogs appreciate really rank, awful smelling Bully Sticks. We call them Stinky Sticks. There is only speculation as to why dogs roll in stinky things and enjoy eating foods with awful odor but as far as odor goes one of the reasons could be that they are just marking themselves with their favorite things to impress other dogs. You just might consider offering Stinky Bully Sticks outside, so you don’t smell up the house.


How are Bully Sticks Odor rated

♦On a scale of 1-10:  odor-free is 0-1, low-odor is 2-4, moderate odor is 5-7 and full odor is 8-10.  Some batches will have more of an odor than others. Since Bully Sticks are natural products that vary from batch to batch. The odor is subjective.


Important Safety Tips for Bully Sticks

♦Never leave your dog unattended with a Bully stick to avoid choking hazards

♦Remove the Bully Stick when it is small enough to swallow. Because some dogs can be possessive don’t try and pull it out of their mouth as you can risk getting bitten. Instead, tell them to “drop” or “release.” This will involve some training.

NOTE- Another option is to purchase a “Bully Stick Holder” designed to grip the remaining piece so your dog cannot access it.

♦Do not offer Bully Sticks if your dog has Dental Issues or Beef Allergies

♦Make sure your dog does not consume more than 10% of their daily calories from treats like Bully Sticks to prevent the nationwide epidemic of Obesity. Active, fit dogs can consume more. A good rule of thumb is 80 calories per ounce of Bully stick. 

♦Wash your hands with antibacterial soap after giving your dog a Bully Stick.

♦Pregnant women, young children, the elderly, sick or those with immune-system issues should not handle any animal body part treats of chews. 

♦Some Bully Sticks in the marketplace can be treated with toxic solutions to clean them or to remove the odor. Insist that manufacturers of low-odor and odor-free bully sticks are making them with natural techniques. 


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