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TWISTED Turkey Tendons for Dogs (Non-Smoked) - Made in USA - Naturally Grain-Free Rawhide-Free Chews Dogs

by Sancho & Lola's Closet
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  • HUMAN GRADE QUALITY: Different preparation than our single flat tendons. A bit less chewy since they are dehydrated not smoked like the flat ones. These are made with two tendons twisted together. They are high-protein, low-fat, gourmet dog treats.
  • SINGLE-INGREDIENT: made from 100% turkey given no antibiotics, growth-hormones, no chemicals or preservatives. Eating clean and Paleo is best for most dogs.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC: turkey is a great alternative to dogs that are sensitive to beef and pork.
  • DENTAL CARE: naturally stimulates gums and cleans teeth, leaving your dog's teeth bright and shiny.
  • ANY SIZE DOG: but for larger dogs they will just be a quick treat. Tendons are 4" to 7" Different tendon and preparation than our single hackberry smoked version that are thinner and chewier.