Sancho & Lola's Crunchy Steer Bully Bites for Dogs Made in USA - Boutique Rawhide-Free Grain-Free Small Beef Pizzle Dog Chews for Small Dogs or Training Treats for Any Size Dog

by Sancho & Lola's Closet
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  • QUALITY: our boutique steer bully bites are not cheap but they are very small production. They are made in USA, strictly farmed in Nebraska. Made with 100% Beef Pizzle. No growth-hormones. No cheap fillers. No harmful chemical additives. Grain-free & rawhide-free.
  • EASY TO CHEW: these are a more crispy style of bully bites. Very easy to chew. Perfect for size and density for toy breeds, puppies, and older dogs.
  • STEERS vs BULLS: the term "steer stick" is often used interchangeably with "bully stick" because steers are bulls are the same animal. Steers have just been neutered. Neutered bulls have a lot less testosterone so their pizzles are naturally less dense. A good portion of these bites will be hollow. Thus they will be more of a treat than a chew for dogs over 6 LBS.
  • PROVIDE ORAL CARE: natural muscle fiber stimulates gums and flosses teeth... naturally giving your dog a whiter smile.
  • TRAINING TREATS FOR ANY SIZE DOG: unique texture makes them great training treats for any size dog. They have very little risk of choking when compared to dense bully bites.

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