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10-12-Inch Traditional Irregular Bully Sticks- low to moderate odor-BUY BULK & SAVE

by Sancho & Lola's Closet
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  • NATURAL: 100% beef pizzles free of antibiotics, unnatural growth-hormones, GMO grains or any other cheap fillers. See our bully stick blog for more in-depth information. 
  • "IRREGULARS" can be sticks that are: 1-2" too short, deformed, glazy partially hollow, or,  just sticks we think are too ugly to go in our premium bags. Your dog will not care one bit. These are great for someone on a budget. 
  • SIZE RECOMMENDATION: our 12" Standards/Thicks will average 1.5-2.5oz and are great for small and medium dogs.
  • CONSISTENCY: our sticks are hand-sorted and weighed for bag consistency.  But keep in mind the pizzles are made by Mother Nature, we manipulate them as little as possible. Thus, some batches will be thinner or thicker than others. Colors and shapes will also vary. All bags are packed to a minimum guaranteed weight. Smell varies from low to moderate odor.
  • NUTRITION: bull pizzles are single-ingredient, high-protein, low-fat and grain-free. Dogs are carnivores, they should not be eating grains, sugar or chemicals. 
  • DENTAL HEALTH: bully sticks are natural muscle fiber and tissue, which stimulate gums and scrub teeth clean, giving your pup a whiter smile!
  • REDUCES ANXIETY:  during a time your pup is confined indoors or being crate trained.
  • RAWHIDE ALTERNATIVE: since they are 100% beef, they are natural and digestible, making them one of the safest dog chews available. This is why many Veterinarians recommend them over commercial rawhides and nylabones, which often cause GI distress due to indigestible material. 
  • SUPERVISION RECOMMENDED:  although beef pizzle is digestible if swallowed, small hard chews of any kind can pose a choking hazard if they block the airway. Do not leave your dog unattended with any chew unless you know he is not an "inhaler". 
  • SIZE MATTERS: to reap the most benefits and for safety, it's important to get the appropriate size stick for the size and chew-power of your dog. That's why we sort them into so many different sizes for you. Feel free to contact us if you need help. 
  • DOES YOUR DOG INHALE?: if your dog gets excited and tends to inhale chews when they get down to the end, remove the stick when it gets to the last 3 inches. You will want to start with a 12-inch stick, not a 6 inch to reduce waste)
  • MADE IN USA (processed, inspected and packed) in FDA registered facilities in Texas and Nebraska. Farmed in strictly in North and South American regions known for quality, free-range grass-fed cattle.