12-Inch Nebraska Crunchy Steer Sticks for Dogs - Gentle Chew Beef Pizzle Bully Sticks-Buy Bulk & Save!

by Sancho & Lola's Closet
Save 24%
  • QUALITY: Our gourmet Bully Steer Sticks are made in Nebraska. Made with 100% Beef Pizzle. No growth-hormones. No cheap fillers. No harmful chemical additives. Grain-free & rawhide-free.
  • STEERS vs BULLS: Steer Stick is often used interchangeably with Bully Stick because both are the exact same body part. However, since steers are have been neutered and have a lot less testosterone, their pizzles are less dense than a bull's pizzle. Steer meat is often preferred over bull meat due to tenderness and palatability.
  • PACKED BY WEIGHT: We offer them this way since sticks vary so much in size. The number of sticks will vary as this is a natural product. Most batches range from 5 to 8 count.
  • EASY TO CHEW: These are a more crispy style of bully sticks. Very easy to chew. Perfect for size and density for small dogs, puppies, and older dogs.
  • PROVIDE ORAL CARE: Natural muscle fiber stimulates gums and flosses teeth... naturally giving your dog a whiter smile.

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