Our Story

Our Story


Our mission is to give back to rescue communities so that abandoned dogs can find their forever homes. Since 2015, our little boutique brand from Texas has supported canine rescues all across the country!


When I adopted my GSP Sancho in 2011, he suffered from severe anxiety. He was chewing up everything in our home - from shoes to comforters to yoga mats. So I provided him with what many busy dog parents used back then... compressed rawhides. In 2013, he had to have surgery for an abscess caused by a puncture from a sharp piece of rawhide that was embedded in his cheek. Thus began my quest for a safer alternative, through which I discovered a host of natural dog treats. Unfortunately, a majority of the products I found failed to meet my expectations for quality and consistency. 

Meanwhile, I was studying Functional Medicine to heal a debilitating joint condition that doctors told me would never heal without surgery. I was a lifelong runner who had been already been devastated by a failed knee surgery. There had to be a holistic solution to my problem. I read many books and attended alternative medical conferences. It took 4 years, but through alternative therapies and eating clean, I was able to say 'good riddance' to the braces I used for my knees and wrists.

I was appalled to learn that the low-fat, high-grain diet I bought into in the 90's was causing inflammation in my gut and contributing to my joint pain. I was furious to see a lot of these same ingredients in Sancho's food and treats. I was determined to give him the best chance of aging without pain, so I put Sancho on a non-inflammatory diet too.

In 2014, when we adopted Lola, we found out she had damage to her lungs from heartworms. I became even more obsessed with feeding my dogs clean, single or limited ingredient dog food and treats. I knew there had to be others like myself who had similar experiences and would love to know they are providing the healthiest treats and chews for their dogs on an ongoing basis.

In 2015, I started building a loyal following of customers who place a high value on our brand because:

    • We are real people that love dogs, not a corporation.
    • They trust we will not use marketing gimmicks that insult their intelligence.
    • We are committed to helping rescues and dogs found in crisis conditions.
    • We listen to their suggestions and adapt to their needs.
    • They trust our commitment in developing relationships with manufacturers with strict safety measures in place.

    Thanks for reading our story,

    Lynette, Founder, Devotee of Weston A. Price
     Sancho & Lola - Our CEOs and Second Line Quality Control Team



    Victoria - November 26, 2018

    Awesome story about your company and you and your fur babies! So heartwarming and genuine. I am so glad I found you!

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